Sunday, October 20, 2013

2 Articles On The Future Of Medical Care

Here are 2 articles on what we can expect in the future regarding medical care, particularly in the E.R. Read both articles in their entirety and give me your opinions on each.

The first article link is from

This deals with how the government will pay for medical care in the future. The article basically says that the government will pay the hospitals based on quality of care not quantity of patients served.

The second article is from

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  1. As a former ER nurse, I have to agree with the second article...and ER is the cesspool of any hospital, always a money loser whether a profit or non thing that has driven up healthcare costs is that docs have to practice CYA medicine or face being sued...I have fought w/many docs over ordering uneccesary tests, rxing meds for arrested ppl who weren't taking their meds anyway which us taxpayers were paying for....