Sunday, February 9, 2014

3 types of gardening

Even though winter is still here and spring seems far away you may want to start thinking of getting your gardening started.

When I say thinking of getting your garden started I mean the following:

*take a look at any garden tools you have and make sure they are in good condition

*look at your garden plot and see what if anything you may need to amend the soil based on what is currently growing in that area. Certain plants grow in certain types of soil, while others won't grow in that same soil.

*take stock of any seeds you have and order and look thru catalogs for this year and try a new or different variety of fruit or vegetable

*for those growing plants in containers get some potting soil  and verify the plants you have will grow in that type of potting soil. If not amend as necessary. Not all potting soils are as good as claimed. If you want you can make your own soil, just Google d.i.y. soil or make your own soil.

The above info is for 2 types of gardening. conventional and container.

The third type of gardening I suggest is aquaponics. This is similar to hyrdroponics but instead of using man-made liquid chemical fertilizers aquaponics uses fish poop to fertilize the plants. You are basically raising freshwater fish and instead of filtering the waste you use that waste to feed your plants. Just as with plants needing the proper soil PH the fish need the proper water PH to thrive.
As long as you can keep the fish healthy your plants should be health.

With the above being said about aquaponics there are certain garden plants that can't be grown aquaponically. Do a Google search on aquaponics for more info. Just remember that aquaponics uses electricity.

P.S. Container gardening and Aquaponics can be grown year round. 

Hopefully with these three types of gardening you can be reasonably guaranteed of having something to eat at the end of the growing season.

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