Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alternative Housing During or After a Collapse

I'm putting out a hypothetical question here. Do you or your family have alternative means of housing during or after a collapse.

All of the things going on in the world such as Syria, the wildfires out west, earthquakes, and floods got me thinking.

Let's say, god forbid, that some natural disaster happens in your area while the world around you is collapsing, forcing you to evacuate, Would you have another means of shelter for you and your family?
Or let's say, god forbid again, a terrorist attack or a societal collapse comes knocking at your door causing your home/retreat to be destroyed, would you have an alternate means of shelter for you and your family?

Just posing these 2 scenarios as something that could possibly happen in the future. I have seen a part of a documentary on Syria showing what a terrorist attack or war does. Just to let you know I have never been in the military so I have no first hand accounts of the ravages of war.

Here is a link to the article and video I have read and seen, but be for-warned now and while reading the document that the video shows very graphically what happens during a war or societal collapse.


Your comments or suggestions about this article may just help someone else. Please use OPSEC and do not give out any information that will harm you, your family or your friends.

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  1. We used to have a permanent camp site that was to be our bug out site. Due to finances, we had to give that up. So we currently are focusing on a stay at home plan. I realize this isn't perfect, as we live about 30 miles outside of a major city, which presents its own difficulties. But we continue to look to move further out, as well as explore other alternatives.