Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Your a prepper and didn't know it

Every one of us uses prepping every day but we don't think of it as prepping. I will give you the reader some examples.
What do those of us that have a job do every morning before we go to work? If you are like most working people you wake up to the alarm clock, get out of bed, stagger bleary eyed to the bathroom, stagger to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and some breakfast, finally wake up after a cup of coffee and a full belly and then get dressed and head out the door to fight traffic on the way to work.
Another example we don't think of as prepping is in cooking. If you make a meal at home, whether from scratch or a recipe, you have to make sure you have all the ingredients for the meal. Then depending on what you are cooking you have to prep some of the ingredients by peeling, cutting, chopping...etc. If your recipe calls for it you then have to preheat a pot, pan or oven. While that is being done you combine some of the ingredients as you or the recipe dictate. You then cook the food for a certain amount of time. While the food is cooking you get the tableware set for you and your family and then serve the food when it is done.
Even if you just eat microwave meals you still have to get the meal out of the freezer, put it in the microwave and cook for a certain amount of time before eating.
One last example of prepping and not realizing it is doing yard work. If you are going to mow your yard you have to get the mower out, check the gas and oil, fill as necessary, and then start the mower to mow the yard.
So as you can see we use prepping thru-out our daily lives and not know it. The only difference between the prepper community and those who don't prep is the people who prep are doing it to ensure that they and their family can survive and non preppers don't. The non prepper will become one of two things if some major catastrophe happens. They will either become a burden on those of us who saw to it to ensure we can take care of ourselves and our families if some major catastrophe happens or the non prepper will become a slave to the government or possibly some other group wishing to take advantage of his or her misfortune.

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