Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pill Popping and Pain Mangament After a Collapse

I am writing this post because I know a few people who take pain and antidepressant medications. Most of them pop them like pez candy. I believe all of them can't cope without the pills.

My wife also has severe pain issues but she has learned to deal with it if necessary. She does take pills for this but doesn't eat them like candy. She takes them like she is supposed to.

The reason why I'm writing this is because some of the pill poppers keep asking her for pills. They found out she takes the same or nearly the same pills as they do so they keep bugging her for them. My 2 part question to you my readers is this: Do you know of anyone who can't function in life without taking a pill or pills? and What do you think might happen in your neck of the woods if the pill poppers can't get their medications when a collapse happens?

Just wanted your thoughts on this.


  1. Hi. I found your blog by following links. Welcome to the world of blogging! You are brining up some crucial points that are not often mentioned regarding prepping. Very important things to think about.

  2. I know several such people. Altho they usually have a Rx for the pills, they are nevertheless either habituated or addicted to the pills, depending on the dose. When people bug you for pills, a good first response is, "I couldn't give you my pills - that's illegal!" with as much indignation as one can muster. The 2nd time they ask, a good response is "I can't take those anymore. They had too many side effects." Hindsight is always 20/20, but NO ONE should know what medications you are taking, outside of the immediate family (on a need to know basis - not siblings & in-laws), your physician & your pharmacist.

  3. Those who are dependent on medications...or more specifically, those who abuse prescription medication...are going to be the ones to worry about. They will do anything to get their 'fix' in a SHTF situation. For those who truly NEED rx meds, I hope they are stockpiling as best as possible. I truly hope you and your wife have researched alternatives for a SHTF situation.