Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stereotypes and Culture Clash

What is a stereotype? What is culture clash? What are the answers to these 2 questions and what do they have to do with prepping and TSHTF? I will give you my answers to these questions based on how I see them.

Regarding stereotypes my answer is like this. A stereotype to me is you the individual putting a label on another individual based on how they act or look. We all stereotype people, myself included. Stereotyping is a necessary evil but can get out of hand very easy. We do need to stereotype people we first meet until we find out more about them. This is an unfortunate and necessary part of life which usually keeps us safe. If you look throughout history and look at people you see in your daily life you will notice that how a person or group acts will help you determine if your life is in danger. How a person dresses or looks may not be a good indicator of whether that person will harm you but you never know. Where it gets out of hand is when we make our stereotype view of an individual publicly known and don't change that view after we find out more about that person. I know stereotypes are also put on groups and the above (out of hand) statement applies there too.

As for culture clash I answer it like this. To me a culture clash is one cultures way of life (what they do, how they act and what they believe in) does not go along with another cultures way of life. This is the boiled down, straight forward answer. When 2 or more cultures clash wars can start. Usually these wars stem from one culture trying to impose their views and way of life onto another culture. Until one culture can get along with and learn about another culture they will continue to have petty fights and wars. A culture clash is nothing more than stereotyping on a very large scale.

I probably opened a can of worms here by saying all of this but I felt it needed to be said. As for how this relates to prepping and SHTF survival is like this. Throughout your life you will meet many people and different cultures. Each of which will look, dress, and act differently than you do or may be used to. Right now you have the luxury of privately stereotyping these individuals or cultures but when TSHTF you may not have a choice but to interact with a person or group you see as a certain way. Keeping a stereotype in check and reserving judgement until after you have interacted with that person or group may mean the difference between life and death.

Keep an open mind and keep learning. Your life may very well depend on it.


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