Monday, September 2, 2013

my new blog about prepping and self-sufficiency

This is my new blog about my thoughts, opinions and how I see the world. These are just my opinions and views of the world. You should in no way take any of them personally. This blog will lean toward prepping and self-sufficiency but will also jump around to other subjects not directly related to prepping or self-sufficiency. Even though the subjects may seem to not be related to prepping or self-sufficiency they actually are. I will try to explain how and why each subject I talk about is related to prepping or self-sufficiency.
I am hoping that with this blog that I can get some of you to be more independent and not dependent on others for your well-being. We are all dependent on each other for one thing or another but strive to be independent as much as possible from each other.
If I post some wrong information on this blog please feel free to figuratively knock me up side my head so that I may correct that mistake. Just be nice about it because I am human and am capable of making mistakes.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad mentioned that you started the blog.
    Great insights!
    I'll be following,
    Susie in northern NY