Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dealing With Food Allergies After a Collapse

The reason I am writing this is because my wife has food allergies. She is allergic to fresh tomatoes and pineapple.  I know these are not the common ones of wheat, soy, peanuts, milk eggs and seafood but she is allergic to them non-the-less.

As for tomatoes she is deathly allergic to them. I have witnessed this firsthand. She was cutting a fresh tomato one day and some of the juice got on to her lip. She cleaned her lip with water but her lip still swelled up like someone had punched her in the mouth. This happened in less than 15 seconds.

What's interesting is she can eat cooked tomatoes. She can eat canned tomatoes, salsas from a jar and ketchup with no effects. Just the fresh tomatoes will kill her if eaten.

Right now we have safeguards in place to help people figure out what manufactured/processed foods they can eat. But what will people with food allergies do after a collapse? The reason I ask this is most if not all of the safeguards used to help us determine what we can and can't eat will be gone after a collapse.

During and after a collapse desperate and hungry people (non-preppers) will do practically anything to stave off hunger. This includes eating whatever they can find, even if there is no packaging showing the contents of a packaged product. We as preppers have however seen the signs of an impending collapse and stocked up now for it.

Now after the collapse we preppers have food to last us until society starts to rebuild. However our food stockpiles are limited. Even if you have a garden there will be some years where it will not produce much. What if the rebuilding process takes longer than we anticipated and our stockpiled food runs out? It can happen.

We will have to go out in search of more food to replenish our stocks. This means going out into a hopefully somewhat stable society and barter. As stated earlier in this article most if not all of the safeguards protecting us from food allergies will be gone. The raw foods we can deal with when it comes to food allergies. However we know people like to make their own recipes and package/can them to sell/barter. These packaged food products probably won't have labels. It is these packaged and unlabeled homemade products that should concern us if we run low or out of food before society is completely rebuilt.

Even though what someone is selling to us (food wise) looks familiar we know people like to modify and add their own unique ingredients to a basic recipe. If the person we seek food stock replenishment from modified a recipe how do we know what we are getting from a particular person won't be harmful to us?

We have to rely on that persons honesty. This trust factor will more than likely not be there during and shortly after the collapse. It may not be there long after a collapse either. We know trust has to be earned and it takes a long time to earn a persons trust. This is just human nature.

I know there will probably be some pockets of stability while a collapse is happening however most of society will have collapsed due to lack of trust. This lack of trust is what triggers a collapse and we are seeing this firsthand or in the news.

I wrote this article to let you the reader know of a possible scenario that might happen. Right now societies all of the world are collapsing and we nor they know how long it will be before stability returns.

Stay Safe and Stay Stocked


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